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South African BBBEE Training Manual— ZAR1,424.00 (Save 50%!)
Sold by TripleTicks Ebookshop
(BBBEE) is the cornerstone of the South African Government’s efforts to educate and train the large sector of the population that was disadvantaged under apartheid rule. This training manual will take you and your employees through the aims to accelerate the participation of black people in the economy by encouraging change in the following key areas of business: @ ownership, @ management and control, @ employment equity, @ skills development, @ preferential procurement, @ enterprise development and @ socio-economic development. When implemented correctly, BBBEE supports job creation, global competitiveness and economic growth. Please Note: This is a training manual ONLY
100 USD InStock
Conduct a disciplinary hearing - Training manual (Aligned to SAQA ID 255514 - NQF 5)— ZAR1,780.00 (Save 58%!)
Sold by TripleTicks Ebookshop
TABLE OF CONTENT @ PROGRAMME OVERVIEW 5 @ MODULE 1 ORGANISATIONAL AND LEGAL POLICIES, PROCEDURES FOR INSTITUTING DISCIPLINARY ACTION 9 @ DISCIPLINARY ACTION IN THE WORKPLACE 10 @ EXPLAIN ORGANISATIONAL AND LEGAL POLICIES, PROCEDURES FOR INSTITUTING DISCIPLINARY ACTION 30 @MODULE 2 INVESTIGATE THE ALLEGATION 49 @ MODULE 3 PREPARE FOR A HEARING 62 @ MODULE 4 CONDUCT A DISCIPLINARY HEARING 70 @ SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT 106 # Knowledge Questions 106 # Practical Activities 106 # Summative Project 106 # Logbook 106 @APPENDIX A: 107 # Notification Of A Disciplinary Enquiry 107 # Example A: Disciplinary Hearing Form 109 # Example B: Record of a Disciplinary Enquiry 117 # Appeal Against Disciplinary Finding 119 # Written Warning 120 @APPENDIX B: 121 #Code of Good Practice - Dismissal 121 @REFERENCES AND FURTHER READING 125 Please Note: This is just a training manual and workbook with interactive questions. No POE available
125 USD InStock
SAQA ID 252040 - NQF 5 - 8Credits (Manage the finances of a unit)— ZAR3,560.00 (Save 37%!)
Sold by TripleTicks Ebookshop
This unit standard consists of the following MS Word documents: @ Learner Guide, @ Learner Workbook (formative assessment) @ Learner Portfolio of Evidence Guide (summative assessment) @ Facilitator Guide with Memorandum @ Assessor Assessment Guide with Memorandum @ Assessor Feedback Document @ Moderation Plan, Guide and Report @ Curriculum Strategy and Alignment document for uploading @ Optional extra: PowerPoint slides can be created at an additional cost This unit standard is mostly used for training Finance for non Financial managers at NQF Level 5. We can also group unit standards to create Learning skills Programmes with integrated assessments.
250 USD InStock

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